A Wedding At The Mount

A Wedding At The Mount

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gay Marriage...Why does everyone feel it's different?

The other day I received a phone call from  a local newspaper, asking me how I was planning to "gear up my business for when the GAYS start calling."    Really??? At first I was a little taken back by the question.  Then I decided to tell her exactly what I was planning on doing...NOTHING!  Marriage is the uniting of 2 people that love each other...whether it be a man and a woman, 2 men or 2 women.  I wouldn't treat a gay couple any differently than a heterosexual couple...would she?  I was pretty confident that my comments would not be included in her article...I was right! 

Why do people feel that since NYS has finally decided to allow equality in marriage that this would be different than a heterosexual couple who decide to wed?  It amazes me as to just how ignorant people still are!

My friends, The Spiezio's will be maried one year in October.  Their wedding took place in Provincetown, MA.  The reason they had a destination wedding was because NYS wouldn't recognize same sex marriages.  Congratulations to Tamme and Christine as your marriage is now legal in our state!

Tamme and Christine met when Tamme's daughter, Isabelle was only 6 weeks old.  They met through friends, and just clicked immediately.  Although they both felt an immediate connection, Tamme was married at the time, to the father of her children.  A few years later, Tamme and Christine realized that they were meant to be together.  Tamme told me that "I see now that nothing would have kept me away from her, or her away from me.  I feel like every person that I ever met in the last 20 years was just a stepping stone to meeting her.  We were meant to be together:"
I asked Tamme what an "average" day is like in the Spiezio house.  Her response was "average day?"  Chrissy does everything. HA!!! Sadly, that's true"  "She gets the kids up, and makes their lunches.  She makes sure they brush their teeth and does all of the cooking." Christine understands that Tamme is trying to run 2 businesses and is much better at time management than her wife is.  She keeps up with all of the daily stuff to keep their house a home.  Per Tamme, "she keeps me sane!" Tamme and Christine are also my friends on Facebook and I just love the daily posts to and from each other...
           "I LOVE YOU"..... "I LOVE YOU MORE!"

Everyone that knows the couple knows that Wednesday night's are date night.  That's the night when the kids are with their biological father.  That's the night that they spend enjoying each other, no phones, no emails, no business! 

Christine loves Tamme's 2 children, and the love is certainly reciprocated.  We worked a wedding together this past weekend, and Christine was leaving early to get home to pick up Isabelle and do some grocery shopping.  She said to me..."I'm the wife, you know!"  When she talks about the kids, her face glows!  She refers to them as "our kids"!  They have a wonderful, stable life.  They are nurtured and loved every minute of every day!!!  It's so important to her that they eat healthy.  They don't eat at fast food restaurants like McDonalds. Chris prepared a wonderful dinner every night and they eat as a family. 

Thank you, NYS for finally acknowledging the fact that people in love deserve to be married, whether you are gay or straight.  And to the young reporter from the newspaper, I hope I answered your question.

If you are in love and want to get married, give us a call.  We treat all of our couples the same way!  We work with other wonderful wedding vendors who have the same beliefs and ethics.  Whether it be an officiant, florist, baker, dessert buffets, caterer, photographer or any other vendor needed to make your day perfect, we can plan the wedding that you deserve and have always dreamed of!